Gamesalad announces Apple iPad game development support

Gamesalad is a GUI driven game creation app for non-programmers. Up until now it has offered capabilities related to the iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac Desktop and The Web. Today they announced support for the iPad too.

The Gamesalad tool is available as a free trial download from their website. All you need to do is sign up to try it out.

From their website:

With GameSalad, game makers of all levels can bring their ideas to life without programming a single line of code. Build games visually using a drag-and-drop interface along with a robust behavior system. Publish your games quickly and easy to the iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac Desktop, Web, and now the iPad.

If you want to publish to the web it’s still free. But iPhone / iPad and iPod Touch publishing deals start from $99/year and rise to $1999/year depending on the level of autonomy you want for your branding and distribution.

I’ve watched their videos and although the games are mostly 2D, it’s pretty impressive. I am not sure if the pricing and features compare well with Unity (another GUI style software development tool which offers iPhone publishing). But it’s certainly less daunting at first glance than Unity, which may make it appeal to some.

Anyone tried this? Anyone planning to bring a game to the iPad using it?



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