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Rating: ★★½☆☆

There are word games a plenty for the iPhone/iPod Touch so any new one needs to stand out from the crowd and the latest one to attempt to put it’s head above the parapet is Wuggle.

Wuggle is the exciting, new tactile word game that’s got everyone wuggling. Move the letters around the screen to form a word then strike them together to submit the word. Your word score is based on word length and individual letter value.

The aim of Wuggle is to create as many words as possible by arranging the letter tiles on the screen into valid words, a little like scrabble on steroids. Also like scrabble all the tiles have various point values and therefore the larger the words the more points you can earn, also creating 4 letter words or above will earn you multipliers that can really get your score growing and after just a few games you’ll soon find that taking a little longer to find the longer words is better than trying to bang out lots of small words.

There are two games modes, Survivor and Tile GP. Both are pretty similar, while Survivor pits you against the timer with unlimited tiles, Tile GP gives you a certain amount of tiles to work with in an attempt to score as many points as possible.

You start the game with 9 random tiles and they look really good, in fact the graphics throughout the game are really polished. I do have a few gripes, you can grab individual and move them around the screen to spell your your words but one false move or a heavy handed placement can result in words being spelt out before you are ready. For example when given the letter F U R N A C E you need to be really careful as when I place the R next to the F & U it scored me for the word FUR rather than FURNACE that would have got my many more points. And this brings me on to my second gripe, the letters are too easily bumped and moved, it would be much better of letters could be locked together so that you would have to keep rearranging the letters constantly.

Finally for my gripes is the list of words available, at all times the number of possible words and and the longest word possible is displayed on the screen, however on multiple occasions relatively simple words were not recognized and flashed red at me instead of being accepted and being added to my score.

Once you can get the hang of the of the control system the game can be good, especially Survivor mode where the timer really piles on the pressure of having to get a word completed quickly.

Wuggle has lots of potential, the idea is great and it could be a really addicting word game, however the gripes listed previously are preventing it from making the jump from great idea to an App Store leader.


Price $1.99

The Good
  • Quality Graphics
  • Great idea
The Not So Good
  • Poor word selection system
  • Not a big enough dictionary of words
  • Difficult to control the letters

Reviewed By: CraigWillis

Wuggle Screenshots


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