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iphone-game-reviews-lions-playRating: ★★★★☆

A challenging strategy game that has spanned the ages

It is strategy game, in Classic “Puli Judham” game, which has triangular formation with two crossed rectangles, In order to Lions to win the game They have to gobble up all buffaloes or restrict movement of Buffaloes. On the other hand, if Buffalo’s needs to win, they have to restrict Lions movement. In addition to Classic version I have created 18 levels based different geometric shapes. In which maintained Ratio between Buffaloes and Lions is around 3 to 5

Welcome to the eternal struggle between Lion and Buffalo. Starting off with a geometric grid with simple play then getting more complex. You go about placing then moving your pieces either against the computer or a friend (as chosen in settings) in attempt to stop your opponents movements or if you choose to be the lion, eat their pieces too. Gameplay wise it’s great, it’s more in depth than say tic tac toe but not quite as involving as checkers or chess (although could be on some of the larger grids) with your movements dictated by lines on the grid, one move being from one point where lines intersect to another point. There are 3 levels of difficulty (Junior, Senior and Expert), 18 increasingly complex levels and 4 options of play with player vs player, player vs computer (and vice versa i.e. you get to be the lion) and computer vs computer although I can’t see you using that one much. Sound is turned off by default, but turning it on only reveals a single song sound track nicely suited to the theme of the game but to nothing in the way of sound effects.

What lets this game down is it’s non responsive nature. Sometimes trying to move your pieces is tricky as you have to wait a few seconds for it to lock onto your finger and follow it’s movements, getting them to stay in place can also be hard as you have to line it up rather accurately with the point you wish to move to and on the larger grids this is very difficult as everything becomes pretty small, adopting Apple’s magnifying glass (when moving a cursor on text) would be a solution as would having larger snap to regions. Other annoyances are the lack of progress saving and auto saving (important for iPhone users) because as you complete a grid, starting a new game moves you onto the next level (not that obvious really) but if you quit at any time, or receive a phone call, that progress is lost also any changes you have made to the game setup are also lost.

Lion’s Play is a fun game which deserves to be on any strategists iPod touch/iPhone

iphone-app-reviews-promo-codes-official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price: $ 0.99 (lite/trial version available)

The Good

  • Lots of levels
  • Good strategy

The Not so Good

  • Not as responsive as it should be
  • Progress/settings not saved on quit or phone call

Reviewed By: TylerDurdan

Lion’s Play Screenshots

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