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Yesterday Apple released iOS 4.1 update which fixed the annoying slow performance bug for iPhone 3G users and proximity sensor bug for iPhone 4 users.

iOS 4.1 also added the new Game Center which enables you to connect with your friends, challenge them and play multiplayer games. In order to increase the replay value of a game, developers often integrate the ability to upload highscores to the leaderboard and sharing via social media.

Apple’s Game Center was expected to be released with iOS version 4.0 but was delayed due to some issues, one would have expected that Apple decided to spend some more time in adding more features but it turns out that Game Center is still very limited.

There is no doubt that we’ll see many developers integrating Game Center in their existing and upcoming games. Popular iPhone game developers and publishers have already expressed their interest in adopting Game Center and it would be interesting to see this new ecosystem grow further.

Apple recently updated the App Store and featured some of the popular games which now take advantage of Game Center:

Real Racing ($4.99)

Zen Bound 2 Universal ($2.99)

Cannon Challenge 2 ($2.99)

PAC-MAN ($4.99)

Nanosaur ($3.99)

Worldly Wings ($1.99)

Flight Control ($0.99)

FarmVille by Zynga (FREE)

Fieldrunners ($2.99)

Megaplex Madness – Now Playing ($2.99)

Cocoto Magic Circus ($2.99)

Cro-Mag Rally ($2.99)

GraalOnline Classic+ ($1.99)

Isaac newton’s Gravity ($2.99)

Enigmo 2 ($2.99)

WordsWorth ($1.99)

Adrenaline Golf Online ($2.99)

Touchgrind ($4.99)

If you discover any new games with Game Center integration then please include the name and link to the App Store in the comments section below. You may also include your Game Center username (add “TouchReviews”) in order to let others add you as friend.


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