Galaxy Pirate Adventure: Han Solo and Malcolm Reynolds Would Feel Right at Home

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Galaxy Pirate Adventure Review-1

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Galaxy Pirate Adventure Review: A beeeuuutiful game of space battles between ships. As the son of a pirate trader and it’s time for you to learn the business. You set off to develop your skills and learn to survive and thrive in space. First you learn to attack, then defend, and then (re)charge to keep your ship battle-ready.

There are several weapons at your disposal and more become available as you become more experienced. You choose a target, fire at will, and watch the status bar of the enemy ship drop – hopefully faster than your own. There is automatic targeting, so your focus is more on firing weapons than navigating your ship to an exact position. Your concentration is on balancing weakening and destroying the enemy with defending your own ship and keeping it operational.

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Galaxy Pirate Adventure {$4.99} is a fully developed space-based game. And that may be a shortcoming. Trying to get all the features and information that is often displayed on 50” LED screens to work on an iPhone may not be the best fit. Since it wouldn’t work on the iPad (1st gen) I can’t say for sure, but I have to believe that the larger screen would be a bonus for this game. Perhaps almost required.

There’s plenty here to keep you moving forward. Additional star systems, kingdoms, star ports, crew members, ships, and items provide for a nearly infinite mix of play. About the time you think you have it mastered, a new ship is available that you have to learn all over again.

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The graphics are amazing and fully exploit the retina display. Stunning is an overused term, but it really applies for this game. The music backdrop tends a bit to the minor keys and adds a bit of tension to the game. It’s almost suited for a horror flick, but it works with the environment.

This is a high-quality game that is worth the price. If you enjoy in-depth console games and like the space setting this one is a winner. It doesn’t hurt to have good eyesight too.
Galaxy Pirate Adventure - Sunfish Studio Limited
What we like:

  • Gorgeous graphics
  • Intricate, plentiful details available to tweak
  • Cinematic cut scenes rivaling console quality

What to know:

  • Busy interface, complex controls
  • Game unstable on iPad (1st gen), unplayable
  • Assumes male character, no way to change



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