Free invisibleSHIELD 4fix for iPhone 4 owners at Best Buy

invisibleSHIELD 4FIX iPhone 4

invisibleSHIELD 4FIX iPhone 4If you were not happy with Apple offering free bumper cases as a fix for the “antennagate” issue then you might want to visit the nearest Best Buy store.

Even though many cases for the new iPhone 4 solve the reception issue they hide the beautiful stainless steel band but, invisibleSHIELD’s 4fix for iPhone 4 seems to be the perfect solution. The new protective cover by Zagg includes 7 easy to install precision cut pieces for the sides of the device.

Engadget today reported that Best Buy will be offering free “invisibleSHIELD 4fix” for every iPhone 4 customer even if you did not buy the phone from them.

Apple’s iPhone 4 Case Program app offers a decent range of cases and now you have one more free option!


“The offer only applies to those who purchased their iPhone 4 from Best Buy / Best Buy Mobile or for Best Buy Reward Zone members.”
“The official BB name for the product you’ll be getting is the Zagg SideShield, which would cost you $9.99 otherwise.”



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  1. Hm.. I didn't get the invisibleshield that covers the sides, but I did try cutting an extra piece of the material from where you punch out the front and back covers, placed it over the antenna, and it still lost receiption

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