FRACTALIS Puzzle Gallery: This Simple Puzzle Game Couldn’t Be Better

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FRACTALIS Puzzle Gallery Rating: ★★★★☆

Addictive, seriously slick. This simple puzzle game couldn’t be better!

FRACTALIS is an unique combination of the computer ART GALLERY and the classic number PUZZLE GAME. Discover the beauty of algorythm generated images on the unforgettable journey through 60 logical challenges with nearly endless amount of puzzles!

The concept is simple, you have a grid of random numbers some have blue backgrounds and others red which increase or decrease your score respectively. You choose your number from the row, your opponent from the column and this is where the fun begins with you balancing up which number to play and force your opponents hand to take a lower score while raising yours.

FRACTALIS Puzzle Gallery

FRACTALIS Puzzle Gallery

Mixing things up are 3 different difficulties and 4 gameplay options, timed mode which gives you a number of seconds to make your move or your opponent makes it for you. Bomb mode in which after a number of turns a bomb falls on the grid and destroys some tiles, swap mode changes the blue/red background after some turns and blind mode which conceals the the number on the red tiles until there are no blue tiles left. All of these options are configurable along with who goes first and where they choose the tile in the quick game mode while sounding pretty complete there is no two player mode, you can’t even pass your iPod touch to your friend, which I find a glaring omission.

The other mode available is challenge mode where you face off against the computer in 60 different pre-configured levels so all in all you are not going to run out of entertainment for a long time. Completing these challenges will unlock a different fractal background image, while very pretty I would have liked to have seen greater rewards and some kind of achievement system that all the games seem to have these days.

Interface feels incredibly slick, solid and responsive with good animation and great graphics, it also makes a nice change to have a game that plays in portrait so there is one handed fun here. Sound effects are nice with a couple of background songs, nothing too jarring thankfully.

official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price $1.99

(as of ver 1.2 01/10/09)

The Good

  • Solid quality interface
  • Simple to play, hard to master strategy

The Not So Good

  • No two player mode
  • Little in the sense of accomplishment

Reviewed by: TylerDurdan

FRACTALIS Puzzle Gallery: Official Trailer


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