Foxconn Possibly Opening Apple Manufacturing Plant In Brazil

 In Apple

According to 9to5Mac and a translated article from Redebomdia, manufacturing giant Foxconn could get getting ready to open a new manufacturing plant in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

With Foxconn being a major partner for Apple, business is good for the company and HP and Sony products are already being built in Brazil. Building a plant dedicated to Apple hardware could make sense to Foxconn, with new contracts meaning new funding. Now could be the time to make the move and take Apple manufacturing to Brazil to cut the existing Chinese factory some slack.

Unsurprisingly Apple declined to comment on reports of a new plant making their hardware. Apple tends not to get involved with the inner workings at Foxconn, nor any of its other manufacturing partners.

Foxconn has come under fire time after time for poor working conditions and pay in its Chinese manufacturing plants in the past, with a spate of suicides blamed on the culture at the company.

Time will tell whether a similar issue rears its ugly head in a potential new plant. Let’s hope not.


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