• kiri
    October 12, 2016 at 8:53 pm #25034


    In the future world, all humanity is infected by the poison of war, pollution, greed and every single one has turn into zombies. The rule of the future is simple: move, eat and grow. Let the monster inside guides you in the hunger for more. But be aware, if you bump into other zombies you’ll become their food. Try to trick others to run into you and devour them.

    As a constant hungry little monster, your single goal is eating and surviving. Feed up as much as you can and avoid being eaten.
    Super fun .io game
    Simple and fun gameplay:
    There are 3 control modes to choose: joystick, pointer and tap. Drag to control your zombie line, avoid bumping into others, trick them into your trap and gobble them up. You can use the speed-up button to get tactic moves and kill off other zombies quicker.
    Online and Offline mode
    Online and Offline mode
    Platform: iOS and Android

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