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    Hey guys,

    We, LEADERS GAMES, are focusing on developing indie games in South Korea.


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    ‘SLIPUZZLE’ is developed with various interests and provides freshness for our users.

    It is the play rules that put number tiles or figure tiles in order and complete the puzzle. You can move tiles by just tapping it and don’t need swipe or sliding it.

    We have four modes for SLIPUZZLE not play number tiles but play figure tiles that to collect varied flat design illustrations.

    Here are four modes of [SLIPUZZLE];

    1. ‘Puzzle Mode’: Complete the puzzle within the given number of movements.

    2. ‘Battle Mode’: Compete with A.I.

    3. ‘Theme Mode’ : Complete the puzzle as shown in the navigator.

    4. ‘Rank Mode’ : Complete the puzzle as fast as possible.

    There are four game modes like above and each mode is unique and different. Also, we hope users enjoy collecting the characters and number tile skins which appear in stages.

    It is no wonder that there are a lot of alike games of 15 Puzzle. However, we are certain that our game, SLIPUZZLE, is distinctive from other simple and repetitive games.

    We approached to the basic rule of the 15 Puzzle with some our ideas added,

    and tried to give users play motivations to complete the puzzle within the given number of movements (A.K.A PUZZLE MODE)

    or to collect various flat design illustrations that to complete geometric figure tiles puzzle (A.K.A THEME MODE).

    Price: Event! D.C 50%: 1.99$ > 0.99$ ( ~ 2016. 6.15)

    Promotional Code:


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