• Volodymyr
    September 24, 2015 at 2:26 am #24795

    Why are you here? Do you want to learn something new about themselves, understand their relationships with people and the world, to solve some problems?
    Search for themselves and find their way the most interesting and challenging task in the life of each person . Psychology and socionics were created in order to help people in this way.
    And tests have become the most accessible method of analysis of human nature. They are created due to the serious work of psychologists who have found among people similarities and highlight the types something similar people.
    Each type peculiar to certain patterns of behavior, reactions to certain circumstances, it is based on them and created tests.
    This test will help you to look at themselves in a new way, he will reveal some features of your character, especially your behavior in different situations, your views on this or that phenomenon.
    And the first result you get will be before the results are automatically calculated test: the process of answering the questions will give you a lot. Try to answer honestly and objectively, at the same time take a look at ourselves and look inward.
    Choose the answer that best corresponds to reality, and not one that likes you more.
    After the test, you get a certain result. On the one hand, take it seriously: the test objective enough, and if the summary description too different from your self-esteem is a reason to think that you are honest with yourself.
    On the other hand it is not necessary to treat the test results as the truth in the last resort, because they provide a generalized response, and each of us is a unique individual that can not fit completely into any pattern. The test is only one of the possible interpretations of the responses you have chosen, as well as any attempt to classify people, it is not universal.
    I wish you find yourself and your path!

    I’m intend to develop this project and your opinion about it will be helpful.

    The app costs $0,99 and is available on the App Store. I can provide as many promo codes as necessary.

    iTunes link:

    Info page:

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