• Henry Branch
    January 10, 2016 at 7:24 pm #24915

    Hey there – we just released our quit smoking app for iPhone and iPod Touch (Android version to follow). Smoke Revoke!

    App Store Link

    It’s a gradual solution that guides the user through the entire process, at their own pace. Across a program length of their choosing – as short as a week, or up to several months – Smoke Revoke takes cigarettes away one by one in a calculated manner, for as painless a quitting process as possible.

    It’s super flexible, and adapts smoothly to a wide array of habits. We aimed to make quitting easy no matter how much you smoke or what your schedule looks like.

    Smoke Revoke is also visually oriented: your day is represented in an interactive, 24-hour format display. That display is part scheduling tool and part awareness builder. It helps the smoker through each day, trains them in the thought processes and life practices they’ll need to actually stop smoking, and we feel it sets the app apart in a big way from what’s out there.

    It’s trial-based, so the initial download is free.

    Check it out if you or someone you know could use it! We designed it with even the toughest addictions in mind.

    Henry Branch
    Lead Developer


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