• Kevin Yarmosh
    December 1, 2015 at 2:58 pm #24894


    We wanted to share our amazing new game Parsecs – an epic space adventure (bit.ly/parsecs), available for free on the App Store for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad).

    Easy to pick up, hard to master, Parsecs is a beautiful, fast-paced, twitch-gameplay, dodge-the-obstacles, endless runner with a twist in space! Flick the screen anywhere to direct your ship and try to get to the top of the screen while dodging asteroids and other dangers. Doing so causes the next level to appear instantly, with your ship coming out of the bottom of the screen in the same direction and position it went out the top. Basically its a formula for epic space awesomeness.

    -Easy and innovative control scheme, flick anywhere to move in that direction.
    -Fast paced, exciting gameplay that calls for quick reflexes and creates awesome “close call” experiences.
    -Upgrades to progress deeper into space. Earn shields to survive longer and asteroid nukes to clear the way of danger ahead.
    -Beautiful art. Spacescape backgrounds that change every 10 parsecs, 26 different planets, over 60 different asteroid combinations, suns, blackholes, parallax stars and… space bubbles?
    -Game Center support complete with achievements and leaderboard.
    -Universal app. Same great gameplay on every iOS device, dynamically balanced for any screen size.

    Thank you for your time, we hope you enjoy Parsecs – an epic space adventure, and please see http://www.parsecsgame.com for more info or bit.ly/parsecs to play now for free!


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