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    Check out this Fantastic New Sci-Fi Game App!

    The Leo Galaxy app is a sci-fi text based RPG game where you choose your story. It is a profound adventure with multiple story branches that chronicles your triumphant escape from a distant planet. You must guide Andrea, a female cyborg, to facilitate your safe getaway from outer space. She is your only lifeline among the plague of space zombies and hostile war droids that wonder the nights in silence.

    She is in wireless contact with you; awaiting your instructions. Andrea follows your commands in real-time. You will receive a notification on your PC/tablet/smart phone whenever she has completed her mission.

    Experience this unforgettable adventure in another world without the need of a spaceship. What will be the outcome of your story among the many fables of the Leo Galaxy? Play and choose your story.

    Store Links:
    http://bit.ly/1TzAobj (Free on Windows Store)
    http://bit.ly/1OxDPa2 (Free on GooglePlay)
    http://apple.co/1QgoWhH ($0.99 on iTunes)

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