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    New mobile game introduction


    This is game developer from lesbleusgames.

    Let me introduce our mobile game. Please make a time for my e-mail.

    – Summary –

    Game Title on Google Play : Running Man Race Start


    Game Title on App Store : Running Man edition


    Genre : Casual Running Game

    Release : June. 09. 2016

    – FEATURES –

    ★ Explore Cities and Landmarks in Asia

    ★ Friendly environments that you know
    (Seoul street, The great wall, Beijing Street, Mausleum of the First Qin Emperor)

    ★ Gorgeous characters

    ★ Special power up for each character

    ★ Various obstacles

    ★ Mini game (Name tag battle, Ttakji-chigi bonus)

    ★ Score ranking

    I attached detailed information and screenshots about the game.

    Thank you for your time for reading the game introduction.

    Best regards.

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