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    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91G4C-AmBUk&w=560&h=315%5D

    Hi Touch Reviews Gamers!! This game is made by FMJ Games in Seattle, Washington! We’ve worked on this third title in the Monkey Land 3D series for a year and a half and hope you check it out! It will released for iPhone and iPad on the App Store August 10th! 😀

    Monkey Land 3D: Reaper Rush is 100% full of gameplay! There’s bananas, treasure coins, Piggys in need of saving, locked treasure chests and thats just in the first 10 seconds!

    Find new abilities like the BUTT-STOMP! by finding the precious Brontosaurus Feather! Unlock the DOUBLE JUMP! by getting the T-Rex Feather! No action game would be complete with out the DASH ATTACK! Swipe the screen to attack and speed boost through the air with no limit! Of course it is the Raptor Feather that gives this amazing ability. And the Dragon Feather will give you the ability to unleash a 3 hit combo with the DRAGON BACKFLIP that can do GATE CRUSHING amounts of damage! Use all these abilities to find all the treasure chests, free all the piggys and butter flys and defeat the evil minions, the mini bosses, and the final boss! Can you 100% this game?

    Check out MonkeyLand3D.com or ask us for more info! We’re gamers making games at F.M.J. and this is just something we wanted on our iPad’s and iPhones and we hope you want it too! This game releases Aug 10th!

    And for all you Android users if you play games on your phones make some noise!


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