• yuhei tsujimoto
    April 19, 2016 at 12:03 pm #24976

    oad apps.
    ” FLYING HOTDOG ” is the action game of a hot dog and sausage and a variety of characters .

    About game
    – It’s easy to play ! Left jump by tapping the left screen , and right jump by tapping the right screen.

    – Towards the sky , let’s go to help the kidnapped sausages !

    – Power-up in all five species of special sausage!

    – And individuality Aim for a high score to overcome the rich enemies and obstacles !

    – Stand up again to rescue the sausages !

    – The fact of hidden in the sausages !?

    One day , hot dog and sausages are napping as usual ,
    Alien riding a bicycle from the sky have carried out kidnapping a sausage ! !

    Hot dog bewildering , there , Miss hot dog appeared!
    She gave me a flying bike!
    Hot dog is determined to help the sausages riding a flying bicycle .

    App Store Link:

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