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    Ask The Guides: Success [FREE APP]

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    Hey everybody! Just got done creating this fun oracle reading app and wanted to see what everyone thinks about it. It’s free, so no harm in giving it a spin. You can ask the oracle any question and it will give you an answer directly from the heavens. =D


    Here is the official description:

    The best app for finding answers to life’s most important questions about success

    “From ancient times, we have helped and guided you. We whisper wisdom to your heart. We speak in signs and oracles.”

    Your Guides are close to you, waiting for your questions. They will offer you messages to help, inspire, and motivate you. They will lead you towards what you truly want in your life. As you speak with your Guides, you will also experience beautiful images and music to heal your spirit.

    You aim to succeed in this world. Why take the journey alone? Ask the Guides, and they will answer.



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