March 29, 2016 at 4:44 pm #24958
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Version 1.3.4
We’ve got a lot of good news!

Firstly, we’ve brought the deer back. Formerly, he used to appear at the end of each story, in the “author’s” block. At first we thought he would be there only during the winter period. But then he appeared to be so cute that we decided to keep him forever.
Secondly, we’ve made book selection in the carousel a bit faster.
Thirdly, the application has been debugged.
Fourthly, we’ve made amendments to our “The Sea Lily” and “The Magic Christmas Tree”.

There’s still more! We are actively working on new fairy-tales. Five new illustrators have joined our team recently (as apprentices so far). Also, we appreciate and welcome new authors to try their skills. Email us and, who knows, maybe your fairy-tale will soon appear in the “Little Stories” series.

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