Fly Effect Real 3D HD : Experience 3D Flight on your iPad

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Fly Effect Real 3D iPad

Fly Effect Real 3D HD Rating: ★★★½☆

“Fly Effect Real 3D HD” is quite a mouthful for an app name! But it describes the game very well. We’re flying in a Steam Punk World, down tunnels, viewing everything on a nice big “HD” screen on an iPad, and we can if we wish wear blue and red 3D glasses to see our flight path, and objects we need to dodge past, all come whizzing towards us in 3D.

In many ways Fly Effect is simply a tunnel flying game. But on the surface, at least, a fair amount of original work seems to have gone into the idea to freshen it up.

The first thing I really wanted to see is if the 3D worked or not. It is worth noting that the tint of all old style cardboard and plastic 3D glasses are not the same. Luckily, for reasons I will not bore you with, I have a few sets kicking round my house. Obviously you need to find yourself some 3D glasses if you want to play this game in 3D on the iPad! Unfortunately neither Apple or Advanced Global Solution AGS S.p.a. provide them as a downloadable option in the App Store, or offer options on where you might buy them from. The only place I know that they turn up from time to time is on the odd 3D magazine special cover as a freebie! But perhaps eBay has someone selling them?

There is always going to be a problem with 3D on any screen other than huge curved IMAX cinemas. The problem is that the effect is ruined whenever an object that needs to appear as if it is coming out of the screen gets close to, or crosses the edge of the display. And that is no exception in Fly Effect. Having said that, if you want to experience the 3D effect, and are happy to hold the screen close enough to you to minimise that problem, and you really work to get immersed in it, then you can. It’s a great concept, and it is fun. Bearing in mind how ridiculously cheap all iDevice games are these days, at $2.99 Fly Effect is worth the download just to play with such a cool concept.

Fly Effect also plays in straight 2D. So what we should also be asking is, is it a good game without the gimmick? The short answer is yes. But there is a slightly longer one I’ll give you too…

Fly Effects controls are smooth and responsive, and the effect of piloting your craft down tunnels avoiding obstacles, flying over, under and through things is fun. The accelerometer controls all work nicely to control your flight. Frame updates are smooth. So all around it’s a fairly slick and fun game to play.

There are 10 different levels, which are all described as “Earth Worlds”. Air and Water worlds are coming in future packs. Which will be charged for. Unfortunately all the levels that come with the game, while offering different colours, variety in the textures and differences in tunnel models, do not really feel that much different from one another. It would have perhaps been a better idea if the developer had mixed in a few different levels from each of the planned worlds in the basic game.

Fly Effect Real 3D HD

Obviously aware of that themselves the developers are offering “for a limited time” that anyone who downloads the version 1.0 edition of the app will get the next two worlds of level packs for free. Great news if they extend that to all 1.0 users. Not so good if they don’t. But at $2.99 the app still stands on its own two feet.

You get to choose to play any of the 10 existing levels at 4 different speeds. But honestly I found even the extreme speed fairly mundane. I’d rather have lost the “Slow” option and had a “Super Extreme”.

I almost forgot to mention that when flying through tunnels you can pick up fuel and repair tokens, which keep you going and repair damage respectively. But I did not find that I was depending on these items much of the time. With the speed options all on the low side, and an abundance of stuff to pick up, it seems that perhaps in a future version the developers could offer some options for people like me, who are obviously ace 3D pilots!

However, even with those niggles and a ridiculously long name, “Fly Effect Real 3D HD” is a fun and polished distraction. What’s more it’s certainly something cool to show to your friends while lending them a pair of 3D glasses.

All the usual integrations with a social gaming services are there with OpenFeint and Facebook sharing.

Fly Effect is certainly worth a try. Even if just for the 3D implementation of a solid, if now overly familiar, game concept.

Fly Effect Real 3D – Trailer


  • Nice control and feel to app.
  • It’s a fun game in 2D.
  • 3D is a fun twist.


  • Levels very similar.
  • Music not great.
  • 3D is no for everyone.

$1.99 (View in iTunes)
Category: Games
Released: Sep 08, 2010
Version: 1.0
37.6 MB
Language: English
Seller: Advanced Global Solution AGS S.p.a.
© 2010 AGS S.p.a.
Rated 4+
Requirements:Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later


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