Fly Control: Guide The Hungry Flies | New Game From Invictus

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Fly Control iPhone
Line drawing games are a tried and tested concept for iPhone and iPod touch games. Firemint’s Flight Control was one of the first games to feature a gameplay based on air traffic control via line drawing and it ruled the App Store paid games category for several months.

The latest game from Invictus is called Fly Control ($.99, iTunes Link), the main object of the game is to guide the flies to their stinky targets. You control the flies by dragging them to the food source and each fly feeds until its feed meter fills. The action gets frantic as you control more and more flies with limited food targets.

Fly control features different game environments to play in which makes the game enjoyable. Graphics in Fly Control are impressive with detailed play fields and funny animations.


  • various play fields
  • domestic and horse flies
  • insects as temporary food
  • sarcastic humor
  • crude fly fights
  • statistic and scoring tables
  • beautiful animation
  • funny sound effects

Fly Control – iPhone / iPod Touch game by Invictus


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