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flipside iphone game

flipside Rating: ★★★★½

You’ll flip head over heels for this mind twisting game!

Flipping my iPhone into landscape today is flipside, a very well designed and challenging tile matching game. Unlike many flash based matching games found on the internet this game adds some good gameplay twists, different game modes and good use of multi touch.

What makes flipside unique to the tile matching genre is that each tile has 2 symbols on it which livens gameplay by penalising you if symbols are matched in the background, which means a score decrease or starting a puzzle all over again. You are also limited to dragging tiles around side to side so no dragging them over tall obstacles unless it’s from the same level or above, while these twists are cruel to the veteran player of similar games I can’t help but appreciate them for making the game unique and keeping things challenging.

flipside iphone game review

There are 5 different game modes, Tutorial which shows you the ropes, survival which gives you a grid to try and clear while it throws tiles at you. Puzzle gives you a range of preset tile grids you have to clear completely and Vs. com which pits you against the computer to pull off combos on the same grid to reach the goal before they do. Completing the package is peer to peer which lets you play with a friend via bluetooth making iPhone OS 3.0 a requirement to play this game.

Interface and graphics are solid, responsive and feel professionally done with it’s own design conventions which is sadly broken up by standard OS popups and menus which really do look out of place and begs the question “why aren’t these messages integrated into the design” since the interface has clearly had a lot of time spent on it. Multitouch support is a boon, being able to trigger up to 4 (maybe more) tiles at once sure feels neat especially when it completes a level in fewer moves and racking up a good combo bonus, while not quite sure if the levels are designed for this, it becomes some deeply satisfying gameplay very quickly.

flipside iPhone game_1

Other than a few sound effects and seconds long jingles there’s no soundtrack to this game, while most won’t miss it, it doesn’t stop this game being a good challenge for puzzle lovers while honouring similar games it adds unique features that breathe new life into the genre.

official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price: $2.99

The Good

  • many gameplay modes
  • two player mode!
  • challenging and unique gameplay
  • polished and solid interface…

The Not So Good

  • …spoilt by standard OS elements
  • no annoying sound track!

Reviewed by: @TylerDurdan


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  • amyaly1

    good review! no comments on the cute voice overs though… i LOVE the little voice saying “hey dudes!”

  • amyaly1

    good review! no comments on the cute voice overs though… i LOVE the little voice saying “hey dudes!”

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