FlipShip Review: Once You Start Playing It Will Be Hard to Put Down

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Rating: ★★★★★

FlipShip Review: Brought to you by Bytesize Games FlipShip is an addictive tilt-based space game. Control your ship destroying enemies and see how high you can score.

FlipShip is a unique game where you tilt your device to control your ship into the path of the enemy that matches the same colour of your ship. Every time you destroy one you earn points. The points increase the more you collect and this is where the fun starts. You need to see how long you can manage collecting the same colour enemy without banking your points. The more you hold off the more you will earn and the faster your score will increase.

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When you are ready to bank your points or if you need to switch to the other colour to save yourself from losing a life, you simply flip your ship by tapping the screen. This will change your colour and start your score back at zero again. Beware though if you collect lots of points and you are attacked by a enemy ship and lose a life, you will also lose all the points you earned if you had not banked them.

The longer you hold off the harder it gets. The screen becomes very full of enemy ships and you just need to do your best to avoid the wrong colour. It is difficult to hold off banking your points but if you want to score high it is the only way. There are power ups to help you within the game. Each one offering different things. Some transport you to another part of the screen, another fires at all the ships for you and there is also a lightening one. Each designed to destroy the enemy. There is also a power meter which when full if you tap it, it then activates your ships special power. This is a very useful button and one that it is best using when you are really stuck with many enemy ships surrounding you.

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There are three different ships to choose from, each one with different speeds and weapon range. You can also choose from six different difficulty levels, by default the game is set at medium.

The sound effects are great and very realistic. The game is accompanied by colourful backgrounds and each time you play it, it will change. FlipShip is very hard to put down, it is one of those games where you will find yourself saying just one more go. With Game Center integration it is great for competing for high scores with your friends and collecting the achievements. A fun pick up and play game that is suitable for all ages.
FlipShip - ByteSize Games
What we like:

  • Great pick up and play game
  • GameCenter integration makes it a very competitive game.
  • Great replay value.

What to know:

  • Great game.



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