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Rating: ★★★☆☆

FishStar Review: Located in a colourful marine world shoot the passing fish to score points and unlock new challenges.

To play the game you shoot at the fish to score points. You do this by tapping the screen where you want your shooter to hit. When you see a fish if you tap on or near the fish it will shoot in that spot. You need to remember though that if the fish is a fast swimmer it may have moved by the time you hit it. So you need to plan slightly where you think it might be heading and aim the shooter accordingly.

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You can then use your fishing score points to play Wheel Of Fortune. When playing you might win more coins or get a challenge to win coins. These challenges can be mermaids or bubbles. For the mermaid challenge there are different mermaids with different awards and obstacles. Lucy who you can just shoot at, Medea who is protected by a shell wall which you need to break and Lucia who needs protection from an evil shark. Achieve all these and you earn more coins to play with.

If you get the bubble challenge it is a mixture of bubbles and coins to shoot at. Using the thornback fish if you shoot and pop the bubbles there are bonus coins inside to win. All of these adding up to your normal scoring points and giving you more coins to play with.

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You get 100 coins to play, each coin lets you shoot once. When you have used all your coins up you then have to either make sure you hit and score more coins, wait until the next free coins are available or you can buy additional coins in packs of 300, 1000 or 2000 all at different price range. The coins don’t actually last that long though so you do need to make sure you earn the extra coins if you don’t want to stop playing or pay for any more.

The marine world and fish are all very colourful and eye catching. Although the game is suitable for any age it is sure to please a child and is easy enough for them to play on their own.
FishStar - farui

  • Fun game for all ages.
  • Colourful eyecatching graphics.


  • Coins are used quickly and not ideal having to wait for the next available ones.


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