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MobileMe, Apple’s paid online service for email, device synching, personal web pages and the like, has had a “Find My iPhone” service for a while now. If you misplaced your iPhone then you could potentially find it via this service, using cell tower and WiFi triangulation, as well as via your device’s in built GPS unit (if your model had one).

This service is particularly handy if you lose your iPhone down the back of the sofa, or even if it is stolen. People have reportedly caught iPhone thieves using “Find My iPhone” on MobileMe. It is also possible to remote wipe an iPhone using this service.

Apple have been busy releasing a slew of Apps for the iPhone in recent days. We reported last week on Apple’s iPhone app that allows Developers to track their app sales on the move. We also reported on Apple’s iPhone app for scheduling Genius Bar appointments, and ordering equipment.

Today Apple have realised a Universal “Find My iPhone” app which will work on any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Presumably if you lose your iDevice you can use a friends, or if you are incredibly spoilt your “other” iDevice to find your lost one! It is then possible to “Remote Lock”, or “Remote Wipe” it.

It is unclear if looking for your current iPhone using the “Find My iPhone” app on that very iPhone is likely to crash the internet, or open up a wormhole! We suspect not. But it would be fun to try!

Do you think an app on an iPhone for finding your iPhone is a strange idea? Let us know in the comments?



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