FIFA 10 for iPhone: Flair Of Cristiano Ronaldo and As Reliable As Frank Lampard

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FIFA 10 iPhone

FIFA 10 iPhone

FIFA 10 Rating: ★★★★½

For many people there is no fence sitting, you’re either PlayStation or Xbox, Coke or Pepsi, Liberal or Conservative and in the world of football (or soccer) most people are either EA’s Fifa or Konami’s International Superstar Soccer. For me it was always ISS, through all my various console’s I always went for the Komani kick-a-round with it’s smooth game-play and intuitive controls it always outplayed the better looking, licensed players alternative from EA. However, Konami is yet to enter the iPhone/iPod touch football market so with this weeks launch of FIFA 10 by EA Sports I’m ready to see if it’s possible to jump not off the fence but from one side to the other.

Create your own future superstar — ONLY with FIFA 10 by EA SPORTS™. Track his play in multiple seasons. Earn skills in competition against the world’s finest soccer players, and build your legend!

In addition to the standard Training and Penalty Shootout modes there are three main ways to play the game, each of them offering a slight twist on the other. First of all there is Manager Mode where as the name suggests you take the reigns of any one of the 570 teams from the 30 leagues available. From picking your formation, squad and key roles such as your captain and penalty takers to dabbling in the transfer market the success or failure of your team is in your hands. The teams and players are all licensed too so you won’t find yourself playing as Jin Torry of Chelsku, or Daved Beachem of the LA Falaxy.

In the Manager Mode you can play the game in the normal fashion of controlling the players or simulate the game and watch the game take place in a text format in the style of a traditional football management game. The nice part of this is that you can start the game in the traditional text style and then if you feel that your team is not playing quite as you would hope, you can intervene and take direct control of the players to try and rescue the game.

Before you start the season your chairmen set their exceptions, from league position and number of wins to international success and cup wins, the bigger the team you choose to manage the bigger the expectation so choose your team wisely. Points are also awarded for your managerial success and you’ll soon find out whether you are Alf Ramsey or Graham Taylor. (Meaningful references if you follow the England national team, otherwise substitute for your teams best/worst managers!). Manager Mode is by no means a replacement for the traditional Football Management Simulations offered else where but it certainly adds an extra depth to the standard game-play mode.

If managing 11 players to the top of the tree doesn’t interest you then you can always try ‘Be A Pro’ mode where you take control of a single player, build him, play as him and take him to the top. When you start ‘Be A Pro’ mode you can either create a player in your own image or pick your favorite player to play as. You control which position you want your player to play in and you control his strength and weaknesses as well as what he looks like. The key difference with this mode is that you only control your own player and have an additional set of controls to learn. Is it more satisfying playing as a single player rather than controlling the whole team? I wouldn’t say it was better, just different and a nice addition to the game.

The final option is Tournament Mode where you can participate in any one of 20 cup competitions from around the world. So as you can see there is a lot of depth to this game.

From the menu’s to the to the game itself the graphics are great, equally comparable to other dedicated handheld gaming devices and the players are well animated and the gameplay is smooth too with no noticeable slow down even during busy goal-line scrambles. The game includes commentary too and while like most games it can be repetitive the game is much better for having it. End game high-lights and instant replays also add to the overall quality feel of the game.

The controls are pretty standard with a virtual D-pad to control movement and direction while the A+B buttons control passing, tackling and shooting with combinations of the buttons enabling options such as through balls and sliding tackles while trick moves are also available. There is also an option to control the the movement of your players with the accelerometer and while the the addition of this feature is welcome it didn’t really work for me and I soon returned to the traditional D-pad option. For anyone who has played a football game before will have no trouble picking up the controls pretty quickly.

Multiplayer mode is also available but only via local wifi with no true internet multiplayer option available, surely from a company the size of EA an online multi-player option should be possible and therefore I’m marking the game down by half a point for that!

All being said EA Sports Fifa 10 not only has the flair of Cristiano Ronaldo but it’s also as reliable as Frank Lampard and like the man himself it will provide hours and hours of solid gameplay. $10 seems like a lot to pay for an iPhone/iPod touch game but even at that price it’s great value for money.

This is one person who has jumped ship to Fifa and I’m sure I won’t be the only one!

official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price : $9.99

The Good

  • Smooth game play
  • Manager and Pro game modes
  • In-game Commentary

The Bad

  • No online multi-player

Reviewed By: Craig Willis

FIFA 10 By EA Sports – iPhone gameplay 1

FIFA 10 By EA Sports – iPhone gameplay 2

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  • r4i

    Having goals ruled out for a play on the wing in an offside position.

  • r4i

    Having goals ruled out for a play on the wing in an offside position.

  • Name

    Fifa 10 with the zeemote joystick… can't wait!! :o)

  • dlb

    Looks and sounds great. It's like watching a game on tv. I love the cheering from the crowd. Nicely done EA

  • Netuddki

    That’s a cool game!

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  • ErichD

    This just looks too cool. I'm glad to hear the game offers a great deal of depth, and gameplay options, but I also feel that Multiplayer should be available… I suppose I'm spoiled after playing so many matches on Home Run Battle 3D.

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