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Fat Cats Review – Cats out of the bag?

Fat Cats for iPhone and iPad is a game for all ages. It’s a simple pick up and play game that might seem a little familar to millions of people. The reason it might seem familiar? It has the same core concepts as Angry Birds. If you haven’t heard of Angry Birds, you must be living under a rock, just kidding.

Fat Cats takes from the wildly popular Angry Birds and gives you a slightly different style, with different story, different maps but same fun game-play. You might look at it and say that it is just another Angry Birds clone and you wouldn’t be far off. Who says you can build off of a successful platform?

Taking down greedy cats is the name of this game. Catapulting objects at symbols of greed is the primary goal. Along the way you can check out the witty backgrounds and their play on words. At times, the backgrounds were my favorite part of the game.

Fat Cats has a number of different characters that you will launch at the cats to clean them out. Some will drop things, some will launch super fast when you double tap and others split up like a shotgun shell. That being said, you’re trying to take out the money bags, diamonds and other symbols of greed while taking out the cats. The idea is to take out all of the symbols of greed as well as the cats in as few catapults as possible. Sound familiar?

The game definitely looks, acts and feels like Angry Birds so if you haven’t been able to get your Angry Birds fix then this game might be for you. I will say that the game doesn’t seem to be as polished as Angry Birds but does feel and act incredibly similar. At 99 cents, its something that is worth giving a shot but don’t expect it to outpace Angry Birds.
Fat Cats - Fat Cats LLC
Rating: ★★★☆☆

What we like:

  • Very Similar to Angry Birds
  • Funny Backgrounds
  • Solid Game

What to know:

  • Maybe a little too much like Angry Birds


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