Fara Review: A Mesmerizing RPG Well Suited to iOS

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Rating: ★★★★☆

Fara Review: A beautiful, and beautifully done, fantasy role-playing game for iPhone. It is well suited to the small screen and brings all the best features of the genre without overdoing it.

Fara {$2.99} is a fantasy tale of finding yourself on an island stuck in medieval times. You are washed up on a shore to be greeted by a Viking-esque famous swordsman. You get no answers as to what has happened, but do get some instructions on how to proceed. Not having a lot of options, you follow the instructions and set off on your first quest.

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RPGs involve large maps to explore and Fara handles this motion quite well. You move to the edge of the screen, and the screen slides to reveal what is beyond. There’s no interruption in play to wait for a new screen to be rendered as in some other games. For the iOS environment, this is quite good, and makes for natural movement through the environment.

Like all good RPG titles, quests introduce you to new environments, new dangers, new skills, and new characters. There is variety in these adventures and a certain amount of choice, so completing the quests and moving on to the next one is compelling.

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Fara isn’t the most polished game as far as visual quality is concerned. But it is adequate for the task and doesn’t detract from the game play. The music is unique and has that epic feel that is expected from fantasy titles. The sound effects add to the game as feedback and just general environmental noise. They help with the illusion that you are really in the role.

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If you like RPG games, Fara is one to try. It strikes a nice balance between not pushing the iOS platform too far, yet including all the best features of the genre to make for great game play.
Fara - Pixel and Texel
What we like:

  • Balances the features of an RPG with the constraints of the platform
  • Controls are simple and well-suited to the touch screen
  • Lots of variety in the story, even if you are stuck on an island

What to know:

  • Dialog a little much to begin, picks up after that
  • Not a universal app, meant for iPhone/iPod touch


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