Start a magical adventure with Fantasy Safari for iPhone

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Fantasy Island
Fantasy Safari is brought to you by Electronic Arts. Discover the enchanted world and the creatures that live in this magical safari. Care for unicorns and dragons and build the park of your dreams.
The idea is to slowly build up a park with the animals and buildings of your choice. Collecting coins and XP along the way to help you buy new items and even more animals. To start with there is a tutorial to help you find your feet and then you are on your way.

Fantasy Island iPhone
It is all mainly tap and drag controls. Once you have purchased a building for example you tap to start constructing it. Then you wait until it completes or hurry it along if you can. All this is done by tapping the icons around or above it. When you first place a creature or building you can choose where it goes in your park. Then you wait for it to earn your coins. If you tap it, it will tell you how long it will be until the coins are ready for collection. All this is done in real time, so if it says you have eight minutes to go, you have that long to wait.
You then start building up your land by placing different attractions and creatures for people to visit. The more you build you earn coins and you can then use it to decorate your safari park with more and more magical things. You can also pet your animals to earn extra gifts and abilities and to do this you just do a small swipe of the screen over your creature. They even make noises to show you they are enjoying it!

Fantasy island review
You will have to place wardens in your park as they are there just to keep the safari park running smoothly. Just like how you would need them in a real park. There are more than 40 creatures to place so you can build a huge magical place. You can also go visiting your neighbours to see what their park looks like and get a few ideas.
The animals are bright and colourful and all giving a great magical feel to the game. It is certainly nothing different to the usual FarmVille style games but the beautiful scenary certainly make up for that. The game would definitely appeal to a younger player but there are enough things to do and play to be suitable for any age. The music is a little repetitive after a while but that can be turned off. The sound effects are magical and very suited to the game.

Fantasy island review-1
There are also in-app purchases should you wish to speed the game up instead of waiting for jewels and coins but it is possible to play without any of these. You will just have to wait it out and keep coming back into the game.
At the moment there is no Game Center integretion which is a shame as this is what most users seem to prefer now to manage their achievements and high scores. If you do want to share with neighbours, see what other games they are playing and find more games you can do a quick sign up to Crystal for all that information.
Fantasy Safari - Electronic Arts 
What we like:

  • 40 creatures to collect and build a huge park how ever you like.
  • Great UI and sounds

What to know:

  • No Game Center integration
  • Some in-app purchases needed if you want to speed the game up.


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