FaceFighter Review: Flex Your Thumb and Get Ready To Rumble

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FaceFighter Rating: ★★★½☆

Flex your thumb and get ready to rumble with this comic boxing game

If it has a face, you can fight it … friends, pets, even cartoon characters can be your boxing opponents. Give your foe black eyes, a busted nose, and swollen lips, and laugh at their expressions and reactions as you beat the crap out of them. But be careful — your FaceFighter opponent is a cagey boxer who will be trying to do the same thing to YOU!

On starting this game you are immediately prompted to create a profile which is a nice start as it saves you time entering your name every time you want to enter your score, however if you are the “what does this button do” type don’t press the ominous looking [X] button, it deletes your profile which is just one of a few design flaws I’ve found in the otherwise slick UI.

With bright eastern style graphics which feels nicely solid to look at and navigate through, immediately sets the scene for some crazy oriental fighting arena along with the nicely fitting single soundtrack.

On choosing your opponent (out of 4 built in characters), the difficulty and a brief loading screen later, your ready to fight. On the left you have block, light punch above it, on the right you have hard punch and kick and between them a special meter which as you fight fills up and glows when ready to activate “Legendary Fury” and replacing your regular attacks with a random comical weapon, either a rubber chicken or a frying pan.

The general idea of the game is to punch and kick (not the most responsive controls) your opponent while blocking as many incoming hits at possible (indicated by red rings) until your opponent doesn’t get up. Tap the symbol(s) flashing around your controls to execute a grand finishing move ala Mortal Kombat only funny and not gory.

Graphically everything is very smooth, with well animated opponents and attacks from both sides however the range of facial damage is limited and ends up going round in circles where it would have been better if the damage was harder to make, letting the range of damage graphics last the entire match. The in-game sound effects are comical, it does get a little boring after a while with a distinct lack of variety.

Somewhat making up for the lack of built-in characters is a feature to create your own, on choosing the create fighter option from the main menu you are given the option to select a picture from your device’s photo library or from your iPhone’s camera. The game however does not offer in game hair styles so that you could try and match it to your subject.

My major gripes with this game for iPhone/iPod touch is there’s no story mode, just singular fights which certainly effects the longevity of the game. There is also no two player mode as I think hooking up with friend for a comic fight especially with the free version sure would help promote this game and as usual there is no online highscore board.

official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price $0.99

(Ver 1.3 18.08.09)

The Good

  • Good fun
  • Multiple profiles
  • Amusing special attacks
  • Create your own Opponent function…

The Not So Good

  • Buttons very responsive
  • Global HighScore Missing

Reviewed by: TylerDurdan


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