Facebook Videos on iPad and iPhone?

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Facebook iPad Video

Apple has been very clear in its approach towards Flash on their popular mobile devices. Steve Jobs reportedly called Adobe lazy after the announcement of iPad and called it buggy and blamed it to be one of the top reasons why Mac crashes.

The dominance of Apple in mobile products is pushing poplar services to provide iDevice supported content and today ReadWriteWeb performed a few tests and reported that if you visit facebook.com from an iPad or iPhone it detects mobile Safari browser and if you attempt to play any video Facebook links out to a transcoded MP4 version that can be played on an iPad.

When you then attempt to play a video on the iPad, it doesn’t play inline (something that would have been a clear confirmation of an HTML5 implementation).

It is worth noting that the transcoding process might still be in initial stages as some older videos still required flash to be viewed on Apple devices.

Have you tried playing facebook videos on your iPad or iPhone? Did it work for you? Leave us a comment below.



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  • Homer

    I have tried playing facebook videos on iPad. Did not work.

  • Tomso

    I tested it. The official Facebook app can not play it, but the app
    Facebook Video+ 🙂

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