Facebook Updates iPhone App. Disappoints iPad Users

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It is amazing to think that 55 Million Facebook users can almost do whatever it is that they do on Facebook’s website from their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. With 100 million Apple iDevices in the wild that means that more than 50% of iDevice users out there are on Facebook, and they are accessing the service on the move with Apple’s devices.

Facebook has just updated its iPhone App to version 3.1.3. Included in the updated features, and bug fixes, is the ability to watch Facebook Videos and upload images larger than 720 pixels wide from the iPhone. Interestingly it seems that this functionality will be part of iOS anyway in the future, as we have already reported.

What is frustrating some is that Facebook have not yet produced a dedicated iPad app, although they do say that they have one in developement.

Here are more details on the update:

What’s New in Version 3.1.3

New features in this version:

  • You can now watch Facebook videos.
  • You can now view and write on walls of events.
  • Uploaded photos are now 720px wide.

This version contains fixes for the following bugs:

  • Could not comment on photos accessed from Notifications
  • Could not upload photos smaller than a certain size
  • No more than 2 notifications were highlighted as unread
  • Status updates appeared out of order in News Feed
  • Broken photo album links in News Feed
  • Birthdays view had months in wrong order
  • Last section of friend list was incomplete if you had fewer than 8 friends
  • Notes with non-ASCII text were cut off at the end

Do you use Facebook on your iPad? Are you impatient to see an enhanced iPad Facebook app? Let us know in the comments.

Download Facebook for iPhone here.


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  • iPad Accessories

    I am satisfied with this Version 3.1.3, but awaiting for next version.

  • iPad Accessories

    I am satisfied with this Version 3.1.3, but awaiting for next version.

  • docmurdock

    Update? Not hardly. They took the functionality down a notch. You used to be able to see things correctly and could comment, etc. Now, it's not happening. Funny thing is they hired the guy who wrote the facebook app in the first place which was his excuse for not continuing work on it. Now…they've gone downhill as far as their support of the platform goes and it's not a flash thing.

    Facebook could be doing better for it's users since a large number of them use the iphone and the ipad as well.

    Oh well, not surprised

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