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Yesterday we saw Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg speak at the social networking site’s special mobile event. One of the few items of note to come out of the get-together was the announcement of an impending update to bring the Facebook iPhone app up to version 3.3. Sure enough, minutes later the update was live. Ish.

I say ‘ish’ as the update came, then went, then came again. By the time most people had managed to download it, yours truly included, Facebook had somehow managed to update the app AGAIN – bumping the version number to 3.3.1 (view in iTunes). We’ve seen updates get pushed fairly sharpish before, but that’s got to be a record!

So what’s new? Turns out, not that much. Along with the usual tweaking and bug fixes, 3.3.1 brings us such delights as:

  • Groups – photos and posts can now be shared to individual groups from inside the iPhone app
  • Deals – presumably linked into Places – sounds rather Foursquare-esque, no?
  • Places – more options for checking in, pictures can be added etc.

Personally I’m not really a Facebook aficionado but if I were, I’m not sure there’s a great deal there that would get me all excited. More importantly to me however, the app does feel much more responsive, with transitions and refreshing noticeably quicker on my iPhone 4.

Unfortunately, however, they haven’t managed to get their push notifications to work consistently. Odd, considering every other developer seems to manage it!

Do you use Facebook that much? What do you think to the update? Comments below as usual!


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  • Bishopa38

    This new version is garbage! They removed the option to upload pics to the album of choice. Why? We’re all asking! Just check out the reviews in the app store for facebook. People are beyond pissed. Oh did I mention the worst part?the app has begun to crash not just once for me but eveytime I open the app sooo I guess i won’t be using it untill the next update. Great.
    Moral of this post: updates can sometimes be a step backwards! Check the reviews before you download new versions. Wish I would have.

    • cass

      absolutely agree with your comments!
      It is just so frustrating that you can’t upload pictures to the existing album anymore. And the problem has been there for more than a week, no actions were taken!! Despite all the negative comments.
      Very disappointed!

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