Facebook iPhone App Works With New ‘Messages’ System

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With more and more people starting to find their Facebook account has been upgraded to the new messaging system, I thought I’d have a poke around. It seems that once Mark Zuckerberg (I choose to think he does everything at Facebook, OK?) flicks the big Messages switch I wondered how the already twitchy iOS app would handle it. Thankfully, our friends over at Razorianfly.com have already checked.

Upon launching the iOS Facebook app once the new Messages has been activated, you’ll be prompted by the usual homescreen, complete with spotlight on the ‘messages’ icon. From here on, all email to your new @facebook.com address, plus your chat sessions will be shown in here. Think of it as a super-unified inbox.

Once tapped, the app throws you into the semi-familiar messaging area you’ll no doubt be used to, but with a new selection of buttons running along the bottom of the screen. Along with the expected ‘messages’ tab you’ll find ‘other’ and ‘online’.

From what we can gather, ‘other’ is where all emails from people not currently a friend on Facebook will live. Think of ‘messages’ as a priority inbox with ‘other’ being everything else.

The ‘online’ area does pretty much what you’d expect given the name; all onion friends are listed here and it’s the place where new messages can be composed.

Now this does have the feel of a bit of a bodge. The app clearly isn’t built with the new system in mind and some clever coder at Facebook has found a way to make do, presumably (and hopefully) until a new release is in the pipe. At the time of writing this I’ve just an hour ago had my Facebook account activated for the new Messages system so haven’t had chance to test all this out properly myself. I’d love to hear from anyone who has – comments below puhlease!


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