Expenditure for iPhone (App Preview)

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Expenditure is a new app that is due to be launched into the App Store any time now with the aim of of helping you budget your finances. We got our hands on a beta release to see what it had to offer.

The first things that you notice with Expenditure is it’s clean design and intuitive UI. Everything is kept simple which makes it easy to navigate and to access the available options.

Expenditure iPhone AppThe simplicity though also means that you are going to find lots of bells and whistles such as automatic syncing with your bank accounts, multiple reports or the ability to export you data. However, without that being said if this is your first trip into the realms of budgeting simplicity is key to keep it going.

Adding new transactions is easy and you’ll have your new entry entered within a few seconds. Transaction can be made to repeat on a variety of settings although it doesn’t appear that you can set them to repeat of a given date.

You can also add notes and photo’s to each transaction, although if your on an iPod Touch with no camera you can only pick a picture from you saved photo’s. There is a short tutorial that shows you through adding new transactions, however it is that easy it’s unlikely that you would need it.

The app comes with a range of categories too but this can also be added to make them more relevant to your spending patterns although it does not appear that you can edit the pre-existing ones.

Expenditure for iPhone¬†is pretty impressive in it’s beta release and it remains to be seen what, if any, new features are added between now and it’s release date. Expenditure is definitely¬†one to keep your eye on if you want to start being smart with your money.

Expenditure for iPhone (Beta Screenshots)


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