Evernote Trunk Conference and Developer Competition with $100,000 in Prizes

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Evernote Trunk Conference

Evernote has announced that they are hosting two big events for its developer community later this year. Evernote is holding a competition with over $100,000 in prizes for all developers who build an app, service, or device that works with the Evernote system and submit it by July 15.

Evernote will review the submissions over a week or two in July, and then Evernote will announce six finalists. Some of those finalists will win some money, with a chance at a grand prize of $50,000.

Continuing with theme of moving the Evernote community forward, we’re looking for the next batch ofamazing apps and integrations that millions of Evernote users will fall in love with. To get the community fired up, we’re launching our first-ever global developer competition.

Evernote has also announced the first-ever Evernote Trunk Conference, being conducted on August 18 in San Francisco which will offer a day of workshops and sessions designed to help developers push their own apps to Evernote, and learn how to use the API, learn the process, and much more. The developer competition is open to iOS and Android developers. Evernote users as well as developers have lots of things to look forward to and lots of chances to get rewarded for their work this summer. Stay tuned, we’ll keep you updated.


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