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ESPN iScore Baseball Scorekeeper

Rating: ★★★★★

ESPN iScore Baseball Scorekeeper [ESPN iScore Baseball Scorekeeper - ESPN] revolutionizes the way you keep statistics for baseball and softball games. iScore is a full scorebook replacement application that not only allows you to keep book but houses tons of other functionality that would take hours upon hours to do manually via a traditional scorebook. iScore goes as far as allowing you to post play by play action of your game from the application. All of this and much more makes iScore the most complete baseball stat keeping program I’ve seen.

If you are a baseball or softball coach and you’re tired of keeping track of scorebooks and stat books then look no further. This application for iPad allows you to input the action as it happens with a great user interface that prompts you for what happened. The interface is so intuitive that my wife, who had only kept book a few times, was able to pick it up and keep book at my nieces game this evening. The simple touch interface prompts you for each thing you’d need to keep a professional book and allows tons of options for you to select. It is this detail that makes this app applicable from tee ball to college baseball and even pro baseball. The application has options for everything from catcher interference to throwing the bat. They have truly taken all circumstances that you might face while scoring a baseball game and put them into ESPN iScore Baseball Scorekeeper.

ESPN iScore Baseball Scorekeeper Review

The scoring is extremely easy but the features of this application truly set it ahead of the rest. Here are some of the features:

  • Team Management Section
  • Quick Roster
  • Scorebook Output
  • Pitch Tracker
  • Batting Spray Chart
  • Built in iScoreCast & TwitterCast – Allows friends and family who can’t make it to the game to “watch” a real time feed of what’s happening. The entire feed can be replayed at a later date as well.
  • Complete Scorebook Output
  • Intuitive Interview Scorekeeping – It asks you questions about what happened, you answer and it records it.
  • Multilevel undo/redo – one thing I hate about regular books is having to erase
  • Data Sharing
  • Cumulative statistics – tracks game by game batting, fielding and pitching. The states can be emailed in excel, csv, and html formats.
  • Supports Courtesy Runners
  • DP/Flex Support
  • Support for 10 Fielders
  • International Tie-Breakers
  • Swinging & Called Strike Tracking
  • League Support – for multiple leagues

ESPN iScore Baseball Scorekeeper for iPad

This app truly has it all. It does everything you can imagine. The iScorecast and Twittercast is one of the coolest parts of the entire experience. Allowing people who aren’t at games to get a feed of how it is going is pretty awesome. I wish my favorite college team utilized this technology so I could follow their games. It gives you information similar to what you’d find in online tracking of pro baseball games. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not necessarily as pretty but it is awesome. I was able to send my brother a link and he was able to track my niece’s game while he’s away for military training this week. He got to see his daughter’s game feed from a hotel room in Washington and we are in Oklahoma.

ESPN iScore Baseball Scorekeeper App Store

Graphically this application is magnificent! The menus are clean and sharp. They also make it very easy to understand what is going on and what options you’ll need to select to score your game. The entire interface was easy for me to navigate and for my wife to navigate as well. With about 10 to 15 minutes to play around with the application, we were able to enter a few teams, add lineups, add a game, score the game and then email the statistics to the coaches. All the while my brother is getting the iScorecast of the game on a website on his computer in Washington while the game was taking place in Oklahoma.

ESPN iScore Baseball Scorekeeper

This app is a can’t miss if you keep books for a baseball or softball team! This is the first app I have given five stars to. It may not be perfect as I’m sure with some research I could find some additional features to add but it is remarkably thorough and complete. I am very impressed with the interface and its usability. I highly recommend purchasing this application as a traditional book will cost you nearly the same price and it is completely manual. Awesome application!


  • User Interface
  • Functionality
  • Features


  • Wish I had it for other sports like basketball as well

$9.99 ESPN iScore Baseball Scorekeeper - ESPN
Category: Sports
Updated: Mar 11, 2011
Current Version: 3.09
3.09 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Size: 15.9 MB
Languages: English, French, Japanese, Spanish
Seller: Faster Than Monkeys
© 2009-2011 Faster Than Monkeys
Rated 4+
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later



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