Escape from NOM iPhone. Simple Game that is Simply Addictive

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Escape from NOM Rating: ★★★★☆

Glu Mobile is one of, if not the most prolific game developers in the App Store and so it is with no surprise that another Glu game has landed on me to review. This time in the form of Escape from NOM a simple yet fun game where your task is to help a little blob named Alan escape from NOM!

Escape from NOM iPhoneWhile NOM may sound like the name of an alien planet a NOM is in fact another blob only larger than Alan with a tendency to eat him should they come into contact. This could often happen as Alan has to pass numerous NOM’s as he leaps from a ledge at the top of the screen into a pool of goo at the bottom. As well as avoiding the NOM’s Alan must also be the same color as the goo to complete the level.

You can position Alan by simple dragging and dropping him into position before tapping the button at the bottom left of the screen to start his decent. More precise positioning can also be achieved by using the wheel at the bottom of the screen.

To change Alan’s color he can bounce off of color changing discs that are either fixed in position or that can be positioned by you. As Alan falls and bounces down the screen he must avoid the NOM’s other wise you’ll have to restart the level. You only need to avoid the NOM’s that are a different color than you though so his ability to change color is as important as the chameleons if he wants to stay alive!

As you start the first of the 30 levels spread over 3 different worlds the task is completed relatively easily. However as you progress you’ll find Alan’s window of opportunities getting smaller and smaller and you’ll need to be creative in your solutions. However, you are given additional tools as you progress to help you which you can also drag, drop and rotate in to position.

While you can simply complete each level and move on, each level is also scored with a Gold, Silver and Bronze medal waiting for you should you complete the level with enough points. As you complete each level you can also replay the level in slow motion to celebrate your success.

Escape from NOMThere are a couple of annoyances, one being the continual Ads along the bottom of the screen and the other being the music that is so infectious I find myself continuing to hear hours after switching the game off!

The ads while annoying have allowed the game to be released for the very attractive price of free which is a pretty convincing argument to have them. However should you wish to play more levels after the initial 30 you will have to pay for them via in game purchases.

Also included in the game is a level editor which enables you to simply create new levels. The level editor is a simple drag and drop process and you’ll be creating simple or creatively tricky levels in next to no time.

You can also download levels created by your Facebook freinds using in game credits. You are given 5 credits to start you off so that you can download your first few levels for free. After that you’ll need to buy additional credits.

The simplicity of the game, controls, graphics and sound all combine to be an annoyingly addictive game which is difficult to put down and at a competitive price of free it’s definitely worth a look although the ability to pay to remove the ads would be a nice option.


  • A free game from Glu!
  • Addictively simple
  • Level editor to create your own levels


  • No way to disable the ads
  • Annoyingly catchy background music!

Reviewed on an iPhone 4

Note: Glu Mobile sent us an update regarding the price change (was $2.99) of Escape from NOM. They said:

Escape from NOM was supposed to launch free, instead of $2.99, and we apologize to the customers that paid for the game. We would like to make it up to them by giving them a promocode to any Glu iPhone/iPod touch game of their choice regardless of price that is currently available on the App Store. Since we cannot contact the people who purchased it directly, we will need them to email us at and have them send us their iTunes receipt in return for a promocode.

Price: Free (App Storea)
Category: Games
Released:Aug 17, 2010
Size: 10.3 MB
Seller:Glu Games Inc
© 2010 Glu Mobile, Inc.
Requirements:Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.


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