Enjoy A Real Tennis Experience with Gyro Tennis for iPhone 4

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Gyro Tennis Rating: ★★★½☆

If you are a tennis fan and you want to play a realistic game of it on your iPhone 4 then Gyro Tennis by PersonalApplets is a game to try.

Gyro Tennis iPhone 4Using the built in gyroscope within the iPhone 4 you can control your racket and ball just like the real thing. The game is designed to make you feel like you are actually there playing, with the applauding and cheering audience down to the actual game play.

There is a section for help on how to play the game which I suggest you read first. If you know the game play for tennis it will seem slightly clearer but if you are new to the game then going through the hep section is recommended.

To play the game, you use your finger to control the racket by moving it along the bottom of the screen. The racket lines itself up as well making it slightly better to control and less for you to do! You are in control of the direction and height it will go in. The gyroscope will of course detect where you are trying to aim.

To use the gyroscope controls you use it the same as any other game with gyroscope controls by moving from left to right and also backward and forward. You will be able to see where the ball is going to go as it shows a line for you.
There are four difficulty levels within the game and this gives you the option to move the racket faster.

Gyro TennisThere is also the option to play two player via Bluetooth. To do this you simply change it in the settings mode and then tap a game to play with another player and the device will then search for a player. There are lots of settings available to change things like grunting noises and just how much the audience cheers and if you want any background music. There is also an option to change the court type from clay, hard, grass and carpet.

The game play took a bit to get used to. After reading the instructions I still couldn’t keep an actual game going for a long period of time. There are lots of confusing settings to change and buttons to tap and that at times was a little too much and difficult to master. After many attempts though and getting used to the controls it did work very well and was lots of fun. It is worth sticking with it and figuring it out.

It is probably one of the most realistic tennis games I have played on my iPhone. It is a must for all tennis fans and anyone who wants to try a real tennis experience on their gyroscope enabled iPhone 4.


  • Great gyroscope controls.
  • Realistic game play


  • Too many options at the beginning make the gameplay seem a little hard to figure out at first.

Price: $0.99 (App Store)
Category: Games
Released:Sep 07, 2010
Reviewed Version:1.00
Size: 16.3 MB
Seller:Personal Applets Corporation
© Copyright 2010 Personal Applets Corporation
Requirements:Compatible with iPhone 4 and iPod touch (4th generation). Requires iOS 4.0 or later.


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