Elven Chronicles: Classic RPG Style Game For iPhone

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Elven Chronicles

Elven Chronicles

Elven Chronicles Rating: ★★½☆☆

Role playing games or RPG’s as they are more commonly known have a love them or hate them reputation with gamers, the ability to immerse yourself in an epic quest of magic and adventure appeals to many, while the thought of investing so many hours of game play for the benefit of finding an ancient jewel or princess can put others to sleep.

Elven Chronicles_1

Elven Chronicles_1

Elven Chronicles is an old school traditional RPG where the you take the role of a young knight in his adventures travelling the world to uncover secrets and defeat evil.

The top-down style map will make any traditional RPG’er feel at home and the controls are simple to learn. Tapping directly on the map will guide Rogan, the knight, around the map while tapping on other items will allow you to interact with them. It all looks very nice although there is nothing ground breaking here in either looks or innovative use of the unique iPhone control options.

Elven Chronicles_2

Elven Chronicles_2

One thing that is frustrating is that your character won’t automatically walk around an obstruction in your path and you can sometimes find yourself stuck behind a tree or fence and given the fact that you’ll have to walk everywhere with no ability to ‘jump’ back to key locations means that you’ll do a lot of walking.

The battle system is the standard turn based format and within a few moments of starting the game you will find yourself in your first battle which is high-lighted by a swirling tornado. The options are pretty limited though, choose magic or might and even a novice will soon have their first battle win on their hands and will find themselves leveling up in no time at all. With that being said though as you progress your control of how your character grows is limited and it limits your ability to grow any real affinity with Rogan.

Elven Chronicles_3

Elven Chronicles_3

The missions are all pretty straight forward and some are monotonous and time-consuming, although keeping track of them is easily done and is only a couple of taps away as is your inventory which you’ll need to keep track of as the are numerous spells, weapons and other items to pick up on your travels.

There are over 20 hours of game play so if you do make it through there is definitely value for money here. For younger players or first time RPGer’s Elven Chronicles is a simple entry into the RPG genre although they may find it a little boring, however with its lack of innovation experienced gamers may want to stay away unless they are looking for some Retro memories of how things used to be!

official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price: $1.99

The Good

  • Classic RPG Style
  • Simple battle controls
  • Value for Money

The Not So Good

  • Can be boring and difficult to get into
  • Limited options of character development
  • Nothing new to see here!

Reviewed By: Craig Willis


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