EggRunner: A Ground-Breaking and Amusing Game

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EggRunner Rating: ★★★★☆

Among all the puzzle games, card games and sports like games lies EggRunner, a ground-breaking, amusing and inventive game. This game is no yoke.

To be the best Egg Runner, there is only one simple rule, don’t let the egg fall.

The game requires concentration, skill but most importantly balance. Your mission is to balance a virtual raw egg (minus the shell) on the surface without letting it slip off the edge. The graphics are incredible. The egg looks, acts and behaves exactly like a raw egg. The egg white flows perfectly across the surface.

To control the eggs’ movement you use the iPhones accelerometer. The user can double tap to pause the game, take a call etc. There is another built in feature that is also used in this game – the proximity sensor. This allows the player to swat the pesky flies that roam around and land on your egg. One can do this by the wave of your hand across the screens’ proximity sensor or by touch, swiping your finger over the flies and off the screen.

The levels increase in difficulty. For example, the surface becomes more slippery, additional eggs are added and more flies appear making your mission full of obstacles. Don’t worry about losing your best times. Your progress is automatically saved and recorded in your very own hall of fame.

There are two game modes to choose from. 1) Time Trial – you’re battling time as you try to keep the egg balanced for as long as possible. 2) Challenge Mode – you have to progress through the timed levels with increasing difficulty.

Currently a “major” update for the game is finishing up. This means double the content and improvements. Most obvious will be:

  • Online high scores tracking, leaderboards and achievements.
  • New themes will be added to refresh the look of the game.
  • Facebook connection, so that players can share their achievements with their friends.

But that’s not all; the developers have more tricks up their sleeves. Apart from Challenge Mode and Time Trial, EggRunner will feature another completely new game mode with different mechanics and looks. To top it off, they are including a minigame with a distinct and unique game play. One can only imagine how EggRunner will look after this unique and exciting face-lift.

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Price $.99

The Good

  • Highly detailed CGI graphics
  • Employs all aspects of the control mechanisms, including proximity sensor
  • Game play is quite simple and straightforward
  • In the next free update you can expect many exiting features

The Not So Good

  • Monotonous after time
  • Waiting for the upgrade

Reviewed By: Dana Sperling

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EggRunner Gameplay Video


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Showing 13 comments
  • Xavi Garriga

    Very beatiful app

  • EggMonster

    Cool ! I love it !

  • Xavi Garriga

    Very beatiful app

  • EggMonster

    Cool ! I love it !

  • HBB

    i like this eggrunner game, i want it

  • Chicago_Girl

    Looks like a fun game.

  • Tony

    This game looks cool

  • sf49lu

    AWesome. the video really helps to impress 🙂

  • terrymr

    The accelerometer makes a great input device for games until you're trying to play them on the bus in the morning 🙂

  • iHacking Expert

    This looks very fun! I would love to play and review it!

  • OTGGamer

    Heh Heh, neat concept, alot less messy than using real eggs I suppose. 🙂

  • galoppenheimer

    This game looks like a bunch of fun!!!

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