Egg Drop Arcade for iPhone: A Cracking Arcade Game Especially for Old School Gamers

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Egg Drop Arcade Rating: ★★★½☆

Egg Drop Arcade is an old school arcade game with a physics engine where your aim is to control an egg to it’s target, pick up points and multipliers without breaking or smashing your eggs into a million tiny pieces.

The graphics and sound are in a retro style with a 16bit look to them and extends from the game itself to the navigation menu’s too. However this doesn’t distract from the game, in fact the relatively simple style of the game can be seen as a positive feature, esp. for those gamers among us that remember when old school was new school!

There are three modes to play Adventure, Quick Play and Challenge all of which use the same premise, drop an egg from the top of the screen, maneuver it through a range of simple and elaborate mechanical obstacles to collect tokens and points.

Egg Drop Arcade -75The main game is the Adventure Mode where there are 24 levels split across 4 different zones. 2 of the zones are open from the start and you’ll need to complete these zones to open the remaining 2. In each of the levels you will be challenged to collect a certain number of tokens before running out of eggs. You start by dropping your egg from anywhere across the top of the screen in order to collect the tokens that are placed in four receptacles at the bottom of the screen.

In between the two are a range of obstacles including rotating cogs, moving platforms, pegs and many other contraptions that not only help or hinder the direction of the falling egg but also have a tendency to break your egg too! Navigating these obstacles is not simply a spectator sport as you can also influence the dropping egg via the accelerometer. The impact of the accelerometer only has a minimal effect but it can sometimes be the difference between gaining a valuable token and not.

As you move through the levels and zones the obstacles become less forgiving, not only making it more difficult to land in one of the four zones with a token in it but also making it more likely that your egg will crack and break before it reaches the bottom and a possible token. There are bonuses to be grabbed by your egg as it falls in the form of gems and multipliers that increase the number of tokens that you gain should you fall into the appropriate section at the bottom of the screen. While these can often be a distraction to the main task of gaining tokens it’s worth noting that for every 1000 points you’ll also gain a token too.

Egg Drop ArcadeWhile providing 24 levels of Adventure Mode would be enough for most developers DJArts Games Inc. haven’t stopped there. In Quick Play mode you can compete for high scores in all of the levels and zones that you’ve unlocked in Adventure Mode and where once there were tokens pinball style flippers enable you to gain extra points by bouncing you back up into the playing area. The high scores are only scored locally and with no profiles it’s not possible for multiple users to play the game at there own pace on the same device and with no ability to even enter your name or initials when you do achieve a high score competitiveness is not something that is really catered for here other than against yourself.

The final mode is Challenge Mode which in itself is split into Timed, Score and Accuracy sections. Timed sets you a time limit to survive, score sets you a certain number of points to achieve while accuracy challenges you to successfully navigate a given number of eggs to a good section while missing any of the highlighted bad sections. With the addition of these two extra modes in addition to the Adventure mode there are a total 120 levels for you to complete!

Egg Drop Race is a fun game that could have been made even more enjoyable by adding a competitive edge to it with local and on-line leader boards. There’s still plenty of content here though to keep players entertained for quite a while.

The Good

  • 120 egg-celent levels
  • over 3 modes…
  • and 4 zones

The Not So Good

  • No multi-player options
  • No leader boards
  • Retro style not to everyone’s tastes

Egg Drop Arcade

Price: $2.99 (iTunes Store Preview)
Updated Mar 12, 2010
Reviewed Version: 1.1
Size: 3.0 MB
Languages: English
Seller: DJArts Games Inc.
© 2010, DJArts Games Inc.
Rated 4+
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.


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  • arcade games

    If you’re old like me, you may remember when arcades were the coolest. i am really exited and looking forward to play this game

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