‘EDGE Extended’ Review: Rocking and Rolling in a Cubist Future

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Rating: ★★★★★

Edge Extended-1EDGE Extended Review: A super-minimalist, futuristic looking, simple in concept, difficult in execution game of accelerometer skill.

EDGE Extended {$.99} doesn’t fit into any category that I know of; I’ve not seen the likes of it before. I suppose it’s a bit like Monkey Ball in a cube format. Though the instructions say to use your finger to move your cube, it’s the accelerometer that controls its movement.

Tilt your device and your cube begins to roll. You need to navigate the 3D maze without falling off into the abyss. Your cube can climb, but only one square at a time. Your mission is to pick up prisms along the way as you work towards the colored square that marks the end point. Simple enough, right?

Edge Extended-2Nothing simple about this game, however. The path can be narrow. Blocks can move in and out, pushing you over the edge. Moving platforms can scrape you off if you’re not quick about it. It’s a test of your quick-response balanced with a steady hand lest your cube roll a bit too much.

The simple concept of the game is reflected in the stark, simple visuals. It could be described as Amish with its bright colors on a black background, but that would belie its futuristic feel. The robotic voice and techno music are closer to its heart.

EDGE Extended is one game that takes advantage of all that iOS devices have to offer – beautiful visuals, great music, accelerometer control, Game Center integration, and simplicity. To fully appreciate this game you have to see it in motion for yourself.
EDGE Extended - Mobigame

  • Futuristic look and feel
  • Instant, intuitive understanding of game control and mission
  • Good balance of difficulty and command of accelerometer


  • None!



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