eBay: 65% Of iPad 2 Sales Staying In United States

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Interesting news coming out of eBay today, with the auction site releasing information on just how many iPad 2 models have been sold through the service, and where they have been shipped to.

According to the stats, 65% of the iPad 2 units sold have remained in the United States – a huge increase on the 35% from last year’s iPad 1 launch. Those with long memories will remember that international launches were delayed last time around, helping build a market for US hardware being sold aboard. This time around however there have been no large scale delays, perhaps causing buyers to wait for local release dates.

The country with the largest number of imported iPads is Russia, with Canada a close 2nd. Russia is yet to get a release date for Apple’s latest must-have device, and clearly Russian Apple fans can’t wait to get their hands on the iPad 2.

Another stat to come out of eBay shows which iPad models have been the most popular amongst buyers. 30% of iPad 2s bought on eBay were the 16GB WiFi-only model with the top of the line 64GB 3G version 2nd with 23%. It seems people either want the cheapest or very best iPad 2, but nothing in-between. Unfortunately no stats on which colour was preferred were given.

All the importing of US iPads does show one thing though – if Apple could manage a worldwide release with enough inventory, they’d make a real killing! People want their iPad 2s!

{Source: AppleInsider}


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  • hawaii vacation packages

    Great Oliver! You have come up with nice research report…
    ipad 2 is in news these days and it is making big money for the company.

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