EA Mobile’s iPad Blowout Sale! Reckless Racing, Tetris, Madden NFL 11 and more!

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We just received some great news from EA! Today they announced that every single iPad game from EA Mobile will be on sale for limited time. The sale will kick off tonight at 9:00pm and only users with US iTunes account will be able to download the games at reduced prices.

Scrabble for iPad is currently available for $9.99 and will be reduced to $4.99. This game is undoubtedly (read our full review here) a must have for any word game fan and the iPad version boasts some exclusive features which include stunning HD graphics and new party play mode. (View in iTunes)

Reckless Racing HD will soon be available for $1.99 (currently selling at $4.99) This game has set a new standard in the top down racing genre. From the control mechanism to the detailed graphics everything just shines and provides a very satisfying gaming experience for everyone who loves racing games. (View in iTunes)

Tetris for iPad For many of us Tetris has been one of the first puzzle games we ever got addicted to. Tetris for iPad from EA Mobile allows you to enjoy the game on iPad’s gorgeous large display and offers endless hours of fun with its never-ending Marathon Mode. If you prefer the modern age Tetris then you will enjoy the Magic Mode with 5 unique power-ups. It is currently available for $7.99 and will be reduced to $2.99 (View in iTunes)

Mirror’s Edge for iPad would certainly be my first pick as with its eye popping graphics, attention to detail and jaw dropping stunts it provides one of the most fulfilling gaming experiences. Faith Connors is an underground runner who must save the society from a deadly threat. The game offers 14 levels and the perfect sound effects to bring you back to the game again and again. Currently prices at $9.99 Mirror’s Edge will be available for $4.99 later today. (View in iTunes)

Yahtzee HD from EA Mobile is currently available for $4.99 and will be reduced to $1.99. Try your luck in the classic game of Yahtzee. The iPad version features beautiful graphics and with the large screen the touch interface works really well. You can challenge a friend in the new Duplicate Rainbow mode which is only available on the iPad. (View in iTunes)

Madden NFL 11 by EA Sports for iPad if you love NFL then this the best time for you to pick up this stunning game. The game is currently available for $12.99 and will be reduced to $6.99. With stunning graphics (read our review) and improved menu navigation Madden NFL 11 for iPad is certainly a must have for every one who enjoys the sports genre. (View in iTunes)

Command & Conquer Red Alert for iPad For any real-time-strategy game larger the play area the better. When the action gets intense and your army grows managing your troops is a crucial aspect to win the game. iPad’s large screen gives Command & Conquer the gaming experience RTS game aims to provide. The game will be available for $4.99, currently $9.99 (View in iTunes)

Need for Speed Shift for iPad We recently featured 5 of the best racing games for the iPhone and Need for Speed Shift won the second spot. The iPad version delivers an unparalleled gaming experience which would satisfy the need for action for any one who loves the racing genre. NFS Shift is currently available for $12.99 and the price will be reduced to $4.99. (View in iTunes)

CLUE: Secrets & Spies – A Hidden Object Game was released on November 04 and is EA’s latest game for the iPad. Hidden object games have been a huge hit on the App Store and CLUE features 7 exotic episodes which are spread across some beautiful cities around the world. The launch price was $6.99 and the game will be on sale for $4.99 (View in iTunes)

So, these are some awesome games at great prices only for limited time. If any of the above games were on your wish list then this might be the best time for you to click the “Buy App” button!


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