Does Dreamboard for iPhone Signal the Death of Winterboard? [Jailbreak]

Dreamboard iPhone Jailbreak themeWinterboard has been the only iPhone themeing option for the Jailbreak community for as long as Jailbreaking has been around and it’s one of the most popular reasons that people jailbreak in the first place so that they make their iPhone look however they want.

Now though there is a new kid on the block and it’s looking pretty impressive. Dreamboad is a new themeing solution that enables even more customizations and some stunning designs that can be changed on the fly. Dreamboard can be downloaded from Cydia as can the various Dreamboard theme’s and once you’ve done that a new icon for Dreamboard will appear on your Springboard. Launching Dreamboard will allow you to scroll through your downloaded themes although one them is provided so you don’t have to download any additional themes if you don’t want to.

Dreamboard iPhone jailbreak theme 1Within Dreamboard you can easily scroll though all the themes that you have and apply them by simply selecting the one you want and hitting Apply.

This will apply the theme immediately without the need to re-spring the device as Winterboard requires which is a nice touch and so it’s ready to use immediately.

All the themes while looking beautiful offer different features out of the box, these include Facebook and Twitter widgets and weather widgets.

Editing the themes is relatively easy too, you can add apps to the various screens and pages depending on the them and set the weather location. Although it has to be said that up to this point while I can replace apps I’ve not been able to find how to delete them.

dreamboard iPhone Jailbreak App 2The Dreamboard is easy to use and edit it’s not going to replace my Winterboard theme at the moment as I’ve found that it too frequently crashes the springboard, something that Winterboard never does for me.

Dreamboard is $2.99 in Cydia and while it’s not going to replace my Winterboard theme quite yet it’s great fun to play with and has a lot of potential which I hope will be fulfilled.


Craig WillisDoes Dreamboard for iPhone Signal the Death of Winterboard? [Jailbreak]