Dracula: Path of the Dragon Review| Deep, Dark and Immersive iPhone Game

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Dracula: Path of the Dragon – Part 1 Rating: ★★★★★

Don’t be spooked by Dracula: Path of the Dragon for iPhone!

One of the great strengths of the iPhone gaming platform is its ability to accept faithful ports of games from other platforms. Porting games between platforms can be a hit and miss endeavor but most games translate very well to the iPhone. This is due in large part to the foresight of the Apple engineers that gave the iPhone computing class power instead of phone class power. One of the nicest ports I’ve seen so far has been Dracula: Path of the Dragon from Chillingo.

Those familiar with the Dracula line of games for the PC will recognize Dracula: Path of the Dragon for iPhone to be a port of the third installment in the series. I don’t have any experience with the original series so I can’t comment on how the two compare. What I do know is that if the PC game is half as good as the iPhone version, I probably should go out and buy it. Path of the Dragon is perhaps one of the most visually stunning games I have seen on the iPhone. Graphics are rich and dark and really set the mood and tone of the game. Honestly, if I had to play this game on a monitor, I wouldn’t know it was running on the iPhone. The soundtrack and effects add to the foreboding atmosphere of the game.

The interface is easy to follow and understand; there are no virtual joysticks cluttering up the interface and no tilt actions to learn. The camera is first person and free floating and moved with a finger around the screen. Character movement is accomplished by tapping the directional arrows that indicate your movement options. When you encounter an object or character to interact with, a gear symbol will appear over them. You click the symbol to initiate the interaction. Since this is mainly a character-driven adventure, there is quite a bit of conversation to move through. When you interact with a person, there will be some initial conversation and then you will be presented with various topics to pursue. Make sure to exhaust all your conversational options since this is the primary way you collect the information require to further the adventure. Any inventory items you collect along the way can be accessed through the container in the lower right hand corner of the game. Double tap an inventory item to make use of it.

I generally don’t have the patience to play through an adventure and puzzle game like Path of the Dragon but I have to say the wonderful environment and excellent interface of the game sucked me in. This is a great game and a must have for any one looking for something in the Adventure genre. Adventure games don’t lend themselves well to multiplayer or social gaming so its understandable why these have been omitted. It is more of a singular experience and the developers have presented it as such.

Dracula: Path of the Dragon deserves some space with your iPhone games. If you’re looking for a deep, dark, immersive environment or are a fan of the vampire genre; this is your game.

The Good:

  • Excellent graphics
  • Great interface
  • Great game play

The Not So Good:

  • No social gaming or multiplayer but that’s understandable considering the genre

Reviewed by: Erin Peterson


Price: $.99 (iTunes Store) as of 26 Jan
Reviewed Version 1.0
Size: 338 MB
Seller: Chillingo Ltd.


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