Dr. Nano – 3D Adventure in the Human Body: Game That Crosses Education With Gaming

Dr Nano iPhone

Dr Nano iPhone

Dr. Nano – 3D Adventure in the Human Body Rating: ★★★½☆

There are some weird and wonderful applications in the iPhone App Store but even then I don’t think I’ve ever seen one quite like this before. Dr. Nano is a game that crosses education with gaming as you’ll get to learn about human anatomy and biology while playing this internal shoot-em-up.

The aim of Dr Nano is to guide him through the ‘persons’ body while clearing away a variety of nasties including parasites, blood clots, cholesterol and plaque while also keeping your oxygen levels high. Luckily for the patient you have been shrunk to nano size and so swimming around their body is pretty simple, as are the controls.

Moving Dr Nano is via the accelerometer tilting left & right will move Dr Nano while tilting forward and back moves him up and down and after a little bit of practice you’ll be able to steer Dr Nano with ease. The controls are made even easier by the fact that you can also control your speed according to what you are trying to navigate or clear.

The other control is the shooting of your gun which you can do by tapping anywhere on your screen. Just like a flight sim your aim is controlled by your steering and for anyone who is used to this method it will feel like second nature to them.

Prior to each level starting your mission is laid out before you informing you what you need to destroy and then you are on your own, swimming around your patients blood stream killing everything that is thrown at you. While you are on your mission however you must ensure that you keep you oxygen levels high by swimming into red blood cells.

There are 21 levels at present with further levels promised via updates in the future. However the 21 levels are pretty similar, after all there are only so many ways that you can swim around the human body shooting things, and they’re not that difficult either so if you are after more of a challenge I would recommend going for the Expert level straight away.

Considering the limited beauty of the inside of a blood vessel the graphics are solid enough while the background music is relatively soothing, esp. compared to the annoying sounds and music of some games, I certainly don’t find the need turn the sound off.

There’s no multi-player option at the moment but a future release does promise world wide scoring so you will at least be able to compare your high scores with other players.

Dr Nano is pretty good value for money as while some of the levels are repetitive there are a lot of them with the promise of more to follow. If you like this kind of game you won’t be disappointed!

official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price: $0.99

The Good

  • 21 levels of biology blasting fun
  • Educational for children
  • Smooth controls

The Not So Good

  • A little repetitive
  • No multi-player

Reviewed By: Craig Willis

Dr. Nano Gameplay


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