Downbound Review: Cute Graphics Don’t Make Up for the Disappointing Gameplay

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Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Downbound Review-3Downbound Review: A new universal app from Mental Moustache Ltd. where the aim of the game is to outrun the falling sky that represents the end of the world while collecting stars and navigating the platforms that block your way.

This is all done through 4 environments, the Afterworld, Double Rainbowland, Deep Blue Sea and Underworld, each of which contain 4 levels and an unlockable Endless Mode.

You have 11 spherical, unlockable characters to play with and these characters get unlocked based on the number of stars that you collect and although they all look cute I wasn’t able to find any tactical advantage to playing with them.

Downbound Review-2The levels aren’t just flat though, they have bumps and raises in them not to mention obstacles that need to be maneuvered around. Luckily a quick tap of the screen will make your little character jump in the air and tapping the screen again as it bounces will double that height.

As you fall and bump down the screen the dark clouds of the falling sky will chase you down the screen and if you take too long in negotiating a path down the screen it will swallow you up and it will be game over.

The graphics are pretty and cutesy and will certainly appeal to younger players as will the simple music and sound effects that accompany the game.

Unfortunately though the levels offer little in variety and become pretty boring after a while and there is little incentive to go back and collect stars that were previously missed. While the Endless Mode just offers more of the same without an ending!

While Downbound for iPhone and iPad is entertaining for a short while it soon gets boring.
Downbound - Mental Moustache Ltd.
What we like:

  • Cute, pretty graphics

What to know:

  • Little variety
  • Repetitive game-play



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