Dizzy Lizards Review: Familiar but Different

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Dizzy Lizards Review: This game looks a bit like Bejeweled, but it’s not. And if you’re used to Bejeweled, Dizzy Lizards may confound you for a bit. It’s based on a similar premise of getting three lizards of one color in a row to earn points and remove them from the board. But unlike Bejeweled, you don’t move pieces around to get them positioned; you move one on top of another to blend their colors to match.

Dizzy Lizards-2Lizards come in six colors: the three primary colors of red, blue, and yellow to be combined into the three secondary colors of orange, green, and purple. You can match up any color to create a line for points, but you only have control over moving the primary colored lizards to create the secondary colors. And you cannot move the primary colored lizards to create a row of three, nor can you combine a primary with a secondary colored lizard.

Randomly, white “wildcard” lizards will appear. You can choose to make these lizards any of the six colors based on what color will do you the most good and complete a line. You don’t have to change its color right away, so you can work to strategically place it for the most points.
Dizzy Lizards-1
The graphics for the “lizards” are cute enough and the blinking, moving eyeballs keep it from getting stale, although I’d say they look more like birds than lizards. The country barn dance style music keeps it lively too and adds to the spunkiness of the game. It’s also Game Center compatible, which, of course, means challenges for achievements and the leader board.

The free version has plenty to keep you going with a Marathon mode, but $0.99 will get you the chance to get additional wildcard lizards, allow you a couple of un-dos per game, change the background color, and access to the two additional game modes of Time Attack and Kid Play.

If you like Bejeweled but want to mix it up a bit, or if you’ve never tried Bejeweled and simply like puzzle-type games, this is a fun alternative that will soak up time and provide a unique challenge in its own right.
Dizzy Lizards - Dogbite Software, Ltd.

  • Easy to understand the objective and guidelines
  • Has a colorblind option


  • Marathon play can feel just that – like a marathon
  • If you’re used to Bejeweled, be prepared to be tripped up a bit


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